M. Blake Hillstead, DDS, DHSc | Paul M. Broadwater, DDS, MS


My oldest son just got his braces off and the results were amazing! Dr. Broadwater and his team were always very professional and made our orthodontic experience fantastic. Carbon County is very fortunate to have Dr. Broadwater's expertise in our community. Thank you Dr. Broadwater for being such a great asset to our Dental Community.

I don't think I can say enough good things about our experience with your office. It begins the moment we step through the doors as we are greeted by the big smiles and friendly hellos of Megan and KrisAnn, and it doesn't stop until we've left. Every single one of you are such friendly, kind people and you have managed to make a little bit of pain an experience that's bearable. That may seem like it's easy for me to say, since I'm not the one undergoing treatment, but neither JR or Rachel have ever dreaded having an appointment. You've come up with some really fun incentives for them to work hard to achieve.

I have always appreciated how kind my kids have been treated by everyone at your office. It doesn't matter which one of the fantastic chairside assistants worked with my kids, they were always pleasant, cheerful and fun to be with. Even when JR didn't do what he was supposed to, he never felt belittled or embarrassed by your encouragement to try a little harder. Obviously, Rachel's following what she was asked to has brought great results for her, and she hasn't stopped smiling since last Friday when the braces came off. The thank-you note to Mom and Dad was such a cute touch, and we'll treasure both the note and picture always.

I also want to say how much I have admired Dr. Broadwater's upbeat relationship with JR and-Rachel. They really think you're cool, and mention that to their friends. I know you have such a successful business because of the way you treat everyone, and I appreciate how you have always been so communicative with me. There has never been any doubt or confusion about your plan of action and suggestions, and it has been such a pleasure to know and work with you.

Please know that whenever I talk with anyone and the subject of orthodontic work comes up, 'I have and will continue to highly recommend you to all I come in contact with. You do excellent work, and I know we will all be pleased for years to come. Thank you again for all you have done for Rachel and JR. Even though Rachel's appointments will be less frequent with you, JR still has a little ways to go, and I anticipate that I'll still feel like we're all friends for years to come.

  • Rarely had to wait! Fun incentive program. It was so nice to come in and always be greeted with a friendly smile. The staff always remembers names and makes you feel at ease. Of course, we just love Dr. Broadwater! Thanks to all of you.
  • The friendliness of the staff; they always made me feel welcome and important.
  • Besides the great professional ability of Dr. Broadwater, the flexibility of scheduling appointments, it was great to have 7 a.m. appointments and not miss school. The staff was great when I needed to reschedule appointments.
  • Clean, comfortable, friendly and confident in treatment.
  • I loved having Dr. Broadwater work on my teeth. He is a very kind person who is genuinely interested in people's lives.
  • All of my questions were answered with respect.
  • Prompt attention, no waiting. Pleasant about appointment changes.
  • We appreciated all of the assistants and their great personality. We are going to miss coming to your office and listening to all the stories. You are great.
  • I had four children go to Dr. Broadwater. He is excellent. I never had to wait, and the appointments are always fast. I liked his incentive for the patients to keep the teeth clean and take good care of their braces.
  • Your staff is great! The work was great! Dr. Broadwater does a fantastic job! The office was well-organized, and we were in and out quickly.
  • Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable at your office. I never had to wait more than a few minutes for a chair, which I really appreciated. You are all wonderful, and I am really pleased with the results.
  • You've been very patient with each of my children that I've brought in to your office. I appreciate your patience in answering my questions about treatment each time I come in.
  • Cheerful staff, bright, sunny office. My daughter was happy and comfortable.
  • Very seldom did I have to wait for my appointment, and the process was fast. The staff was very efficient; I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend Dr. Broadwater to anyone. I enjoyed the staff very much. They were pleasant, caring and accommodating.
  • Friendly atmosphere, knowledgeable technicians. Thanks for making my daughter's smile look great.
  • I am very satisfied with Dr. Broadwater's professional understanding of orthodontic needs and his effort to meet patients' needs. Thank you very much. You did a great job!
  • Always prompt and had a great selection of magazines for me to read. Also, the early 7 a.m. appointments work best for me.
  • We had a terrific experience. You do a great job catering to your clientele. Keep up the fantastic work. Your business should be written up in the Salt Lake Magazine.
  • Dr. Broadwater was always approachable and available. Dr. Broadwater and all in the office were so wonderful and helpful 24 hours a day. It was nice to have his home number available 24 hours a day if we needed it.
  • We liked that the kids were made to be "self-sufficient."
  • You guys were incredible about keeping appointments. I loved never having to wait to be seen.
  • Dr. Broadwater took a personal interest in us. I was particularly impressed when he called us the evening he put the braces on our 9-year-old daughter to check on her. He also opened the office one night to help us. Thanks for the personal touch.
  • Excellent customer service, friendly, knowledgeable, well-trained staff. I would like to express my appreciation for making Ben's smile the first priority. I tell everyone what a great experience we have had.
  • Everyone on staff makes a wonderful effort to make the patient and parent feel comfortable. Dr. Broadwater has a terrific staff! How do you get everyone to be so cheerful and friendly?
  • Friendliness of staff and being able to talk and reach Dr. Broadwater easily.
  • Everyone was always helpful and professional. Coming to the office was always enjoyable. We appreciate your willingness to work with us when we missed several appointments. Your support of our family through the loss of our husband and father was greatly appreciated. Dr. Broadwater especially was concerned and supportive. Both of our boys have beautiful smiles as a result of all your combined efforts.