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Practice Profile

Dr. Hillstead and his staff utilize the highest quality systems in their office to ensure our patients receive the best treatment possible. Please take a few minutes to review some of the technology we use in our practice.

Advanced Diagnostic Systems

Interactive Communications: We use the IACT communication program to educate our patients during their initial exam. Through the use of graphics, animation and morphing, this system gives our patients a better understanding of the different types of treatment we offer and the problems we treat.

Direct Digital Radiography Technology: The days of using X-ray film are gone! Through the use of direct digital radiography, we can take an X-ray of a patient, and the digital image projects directly on the computer monitor with no film to develop. This advanced technology reduces radiation!

Updated Sterilization Techniques

Our patients' safety is a top priority for Dr. Hillstead and his staff, which is why we utilize the most up-to-date sterilization methods available. Our sterilization procedures exceed the guidelines set by the OSHA and the CDC. We sterilize every instrument (through dry-heat or autoclave) between each patient and use single-use/disposable items as much as possible.

State-of-the-Art Appliances

Ceramic Bracket Systems: We offer GAC Mystique Ceramic Brackets at our practice. These translucent braces are ultra-smooth but still as strong as metal-slot appliances. And the treatment time between Mystique and regular metal braces are virtually the same! Aesthetically pleasing to patients, these braces won't stain or discolor over time.

Thermal Nickel-Titanium Archwires: These have replaced the traditional stainless steel wires used in braces. This new technology provides our patients with a temperature-sensitive wire that allows for continuous movement of the teeth over longer periods of time. For our patients, this means enhanced comfort, decreased treatment time and fewer trips to the orthodontist.

Invisalign®: Invisalign uses clear, plastic aligners created from sophisticated 3-D computer imaging technology. They are comfortable, removable and invisible! Invisalign is a popular choice for adults who are ultimately concerned about the appearance of braces during normal daily activities. Invisalign can offer the flexibility of choosing to wear your braces at more convenient times of the day. Our office is certified to treat patients with Invisalign.

Forsus: Forsus Springs are proven effective by taking patient compliance out of the picture! This functional orthopedic appliance has more patient advantages than headgear, as it is more comfortable, safer and more aesthetically pleasing. Placed inside the mouth, Forsus Springs are used to promote forward growth in the lower jaw.

Retention Systems

Bonded Lingual Retainer: Bonded lingual retainers are cemented directly to the inside surface of your lower canines (eye teeth). This is one of the best ways to prevent your lower teeth from shifting as it is permanently attached. Not only will it prevent a relapse, but it is also invisible, comfortable to wear and easy to clean.

Removable Upper Retainers: Removable upper retainers, such as the Hawley and Invisalign-type, come in various colors and designs for our patients. Although still important, upper retention is not as vital as lower retention, which is why we provide removable retainers. Generally, the upper retainers are worn for the first three months, 24 hours a day, before switching to nighttime wear thereafter.

Office Management Systems

OPMS Practice Management System: A cornerstone in our practice, OPMS helps us run efficiently in our office from patient sign-in to scheduling follow-up appointments.

HouseCalls: HouseCalls is an automated computer software program that automatically delivers appointment notifications, medication reminders, pre-visit instructions, birthday greetings and more. It also allows patients to confirm receipt of messages and provides detailed reporting for practice documentation.

T.Link: T.Link provides secure, Web-based access to the information patients request most: appointment dates and times, account balances, online payment options and more. You may find it on our site under My Account and Appointments.

Vox On-Hold: If we ever have to put you on hold during a call, Vox On-Hold takes over with professionally scripted, customized messages to inform and educate callers about Dr. Hillstead, the office, his staff, credentials, services, etc.

Automatic Debit: As a convenience to you, we offer automatic bank draft to simplify your monthly payments.

We Care About Our Patients

Follow-up phone calls: We truly care about our patients, so we routinely call our patients to check in with them and make sure they are doing well after key appointments.

Patient postcards: Motivation is key to orthodontics, so we frequently send our patients postcards to encourage and praise them throughout their treatment.

Regular treatment updates: We will keep you up-to-date on you or your child's progress in your treatment plan. We feel you should always be informed and will always make time for any questions you may have.

Our Office Is Fun!

A Rainbow of Colors: We offer an array of colors and/or designs for your elastics and retainers!

T-Shirts: At the banding appointment, every patient receives a Holladay Orthodontics T-shirt.

Contests: We frequently have contests to make our office fun. Please check back on our Web site or in our offices for details on upcoming contests.

Toys and Stickers: We encourage positive experiences for children at our office, so we always offer our new patients and their siblings a gift (toys and stickers).