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About Dr. Broadwater

Paul M. Broadwater, DDS, MS


Dr. Broadwater is one of the most experienced and caring board-certified orthodontists in the Salt Lake Valley. His wealth of experience has made Holladay Orthodontics THE office to receive your orthodontic treatment in the Salt Lake City community. He has been creating absolutely awesome smiles for nearly 30 years.  His impeccable results come from his attention to detail in every smile. He is unconditionally committed to providing the highest level of excellence using state-of-the-art equipment and treatment techniques. His goal is to make your orthodontic experience the best health care experience you will ever receive.  Born and raised in Salt Lake City, he earned his degrees in medical biology and psychology from the University of Utah graduating magna cum laude. He earned his D.D.S. degree from Northwestern University Dental School graduating at the top of his class. Following dental school, he completed his orthodontic residency at the University of Illinois at Chicago, earning an MS degree and an Orthodontic Specialty Certificate.  Having recently served as the President of the Utah Association of Orthodontists, he knows all of the orthodontists in Utah.


"When I attended the University of Utah, I worked for an orthodontist in the afternoons. The work place environment suited my personality perfectly and I loved the before and after results of the orthodontic treatment.  I want my patients to have that same great experience in an environment where they feel comfortable and loved as part of our orthodontic family.  We show them how much we genuinely care for them at every appointment."

"When we moved to Chicago for Northwestern Dental School, we were dental students by day and slumlords at night. Living in a tough neighborhood  provided many memorable family experiences. It was quite different than growing up in Utah.  We were robbed four times and burglarized on numerous occasions but during those years we made great friends and started our family.  Following dental school, I decided to stay in Chicago and completed an orthodontic residency.  Overall, I received excellent training at Northwestern and the University of Chicago, but also learned alot about life living in that neighborhood."


Dr. Broadwater met his beautiful wife Cherie while sitting behind her in the 7th grade. He tormented her for the whole school year and shares this story with every teenager that he treats. After 7th grade, it took him ten years to make up to her and convince her that he was the one for her.  They loved each other from the start and married ten years later.  They have three daughters,  two sons-in-law and six grandchildren under five years old.  They all moved back into Dr. Broadwater's home this past summer after living out of state for many years. Heidi married Matthew Maxfield.  After living away for ten years, Matthew just completed his Oral Surgery residency at Virginia Commonwealth University and they moved back to Salt Lake this past summer to begin practice.  Emily married Tyler Waltman.  They lived in London for five years and recently returned to Salt Lake where Tyler got a new job with a local law firm.  Betsy recently returned from South America where she was serving a church mission in Uruguay and completed her degree at BYU.

"It was quite the summer of chaos as we went from being empty nesters for five years to having 13 people (six under 5 years old) move back into our home but we would not have had it any other way. When your grandkids live away for so long, Skype can only do so much, so it was a new adventure every day as everybody moved back in.  With two Kindergarten boys, it was like a two man wrecking ball.  They came up with the word "Bruzzins" to describe their relationship as brothers and cousins.  The three year old girl cousins were adorable and the two infants were receiving all the attention."

"We are outdoor enthusiasts. Our family spends alot of time together as we enjoy water and snow sports.  We had the Kindergarten boys learning to water ski this summer and enjoy hiking and biking in the Utah mountains."


Thank you for choosing Dr. Broadwater as your Salt Lake City orthodontist. He is one of the most experienced orthodontists in the Salt Lake Valley and you won't be disappointed in the level of care you receive.  He is well respected by his peers for treating many of the most complex cases.  He is also known for treating many of the children of your local family dentists.  They can send their children anywhere, but choose Dr. Broadwater's office because they are well aware of the excellent results. The Utah Jazz team dentist, Dr. J. C. Cheney is quoted as saying that, " I have never seen less than a perfect result come out of Dr. Broadwater's orthodontic office." Please feel free to fill out an appointment request form online and contact us with any questions that you may have prior to your first visit.  We look forward to meeting you soon.

Awarded Diplomate Status by the American Board of Orthodontics